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Tense (15) Showdown

- continued from Tense (14) Backfire -

15th floor

Changmin let the hot water drip down.
Around his neck,
across his shoulders,
down his back.
And then the pain as it went over his ass.

He stared.
The water ran a rusty-red.
And then it was clear.

His thighs ached.
But he had not much time left.

He took a deep breath and turned off the tap, stepping out of the shower.

20th floor.

Kei-san popped the safety off, sneering.


12 pairs of eyes turned to the panicked yakuza at the hotel door, and then back to where their guns were still pointed at one another.

"Did you tip them off?!" snarled Kei-san.

"Fuck, no!" snapped Siwon.

"Kei-san, we need to get out of here! Let's go!" the man yelled in Japanese.

Kei-san cursed and turned, making for the door.

Then he stopped and in a cold voice, he spat out "This is not the end, Choi."


15th floor

Yunho went to him the moment he stepped out of the bathroom. He cupped Changmin's face in both his hands and tilted his face gently for a gentle kiss.

"Alright, baby?" he whispered softly.
Changmin nodded, eyes closed. He leaned into Yunho's caress, drawing strength from the other's presence.
"Do you remember what you said to me when we first met? That night?"
Images of that night, furious and wild fucking, plenty of cursing and oh, so much fucking, flooded through Changmin's head.
"When all you cared about was getting in my pants?"
"Well, that. But what you said." Yunho chuckled as he leaned forward again for another kiss.
"That I would win whatever game you were trying to play at?"
A slight smile appeared at the corner of Yunho's smile.
"I need that Changmin back tonight."


18th floor

Gunshots rung out.

A man crumbled against the hotel corridor as frightened hotel customers trembled in the corners of their rooms, afraid of the ruckus that was taking place outside.

Kei-san and his men bundled into an elevator, jabbing at the button to quickly shut the doors. As the doors slid together, Siwon came running into view.

He turned to one of his men.
"Where's the police?"
"5 minutes away, sir."
"My car?"


Yunho pressed another soft kiss against Changmin's temple and Changmin exhaled, feeling a bit lighter. He looked around and noticed Hojun and Heechul were missing.

"Where are the rest?"
"Hojun's outside the room, waiting for us."

A frantic row of knocks sounded as soon as Yunho finished speaking.
"I guess it's showtime." He reached out a hand.

Changmin looked into Yunho's eyes, his sparkling determined eyes, the eyes he could get lost in. And he took the hand.



Heechul snuck up behind the nearest suit-clad man standing just inside of the emergency escape and slammed his head hard against the wall. With a sickening crack, the man collapsed. Heechul dragged the body into the stairwell and closed it behind him. He could see a few other men scattered around the entrance to the carpark but one just beside Siwon's Rolls Royce, waiting. They seemed tense. Time was running out.

He crouched down and ran along the side of the carpark until he reached the other end. The carpark was pretty full so thank goodness for that. He reached down to pull out his pocket dagger. He was quite fond of the knife, having gotten it on a side trip to Taiwan on assignment but ah well, he would make Yunho get him another.

He could see Siwon's guard look up towards the entrance, waiting for the cue to pick up his boss. Heechul checked his surroundings one last time - clear. Then he aimed and threw his dagger.




The elevator reached the lobby and opened.

There was a murmur near the hotel entrance as police cars pulled up. Some of the police officers went off to question a group of men surrounding an Audi R8 at the side and the rest were inside, spread out. The police captain was talking to a harassed-looking hotel manager and his assistant.

Kei-san cursed and motioned for his men to walk as unobtrusively as possible to the nearest door. The police captain looked up as they walked past and then hesitated before raising his hand and calling out, "Excuse me!"

Kei-san took one look at his men and then turned around, bowing low and smiling through his teeth.

Behind him, another elevator dinged and Yunho and Changmin, followed by Hojun and three other men came out. Yunho's arm was draped around Changmin's waist and Changmin had his hand on Yunho's shoulder, whispering into his ear. Both were smiling and had eyes only for each other. Then Changmin leaned over and laid a kiss on Yunho's cheek.

Yunho spotted Kei-san and his expression seemed to flicker a bit before it returned to the look of a surprised man bumping into an acquaintance.

"Why, Officer Shin. What a surprise to see you at my hotel. How may I help you?" His hold on Changmin tightened as they neared the group and Changmin was relieved to see Hojun press nearer to him on his other side.

Kei-san couldn't help a sneer and it did not go unnoticed by Officer Shin.

"We received news of gang activity taking place here, President Jung." replied Officer Shin.
"Gang activity? Oh dear. Manager Yoo, do you know anything about this?"
"Well... apart from what happened a few hours ago.."
"What happened a few hours ago?" asked Officer Shin.
"Chairman Choi Siwon and quite a number of Japanese men were here.."
"Japanese men? Like this man over here?" Officer Shin gestured to Kei-san who was looking increasingly uncomfortable.
"Officer Shin, as you are aware. This is my hotel and I abhor gang activity taking place in what I believe should be a safe and comfortable environment for my customers and staff..."
"THAT MAN..." interrupted Kei-san in Korean, "HAPPENS TO BE IN A GANG. He is MARKED." He pointed angrily to Changmin.

All eyes swivelled over to Changmin and as Officer Shin opened his mouth to address him, Yunho cut in.
"Officer Shin, and you, sir," - tilting his head towards Kei-san - "would be interested to know, this happens to be a very special friend of mine." He clutched Changmin tighter to himself in a public show of possession and let his hand slip lower on Changmin's hip. "I would be very careful with your words."

Yunho turned his head towards Changmin and turned his face towards him, sliding his mouth over the other man's. Changmin closed his eyes and parted his lips, allowing Yunho to slip his tongue in and thoroughly kiss him. Then Changmin bared his neck and Yunho bent down, kissing down his throat and biting softly. With that show done, Changmin turned into Yunho in a half-embrace with one hand on Yunho's chest and the other around his neck. Then with Yunho's hand firmly on his ass, he turned around and looked towards the rest of the group, the rest of their public display over.

Officer Shin gulped, getting the message. He cleared his throat loudly and turned towards Kei-san.
"Please show your identification."

A hotel bellboy ran over and whispered something in Manager Yoo's ear.
"What is it, Manager Yoo?" asked Yunho.
"Our security says some men are in the basement and there's a dead body."
"What men?"
"Chairman Choi Siwon's men, sir."

Yunho turned to Hojun.
"Stay here with Manager Yoo and assist the police. I will take Changmin home and come back."
Hojun nodded.

"Officer Shin, I trust your questions have been answered."
Officer Shin nodded, signalling to some officers and gesturing for them to head down to the basement with the hotel security.

"Make sure these Japanese men here get escorted to the station. I want Choi Siwon and him interrogated!"

It was only until Yunho got into the backseat of his Audi R8 with Changmin pulled tightly against him that he let out a sigh of relief and felt he could breathe again.

- continues to Tense (16): Epilogue -
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